I’m a bit odd, ok, maybe more than a bit, and I’m ok with that.

My life doesn’t look like most peoples, and that is by design. I look at life from a zookeeper’s perspective, meaning biology first. I am more concerned with what my biology needs than what society expects.

I eat, move, rest, and connect as humans have for 2.5 million years. 

I eat animal products and nothing else. I only “workout” a few minutes a week at home. My wife and I live in about 300 square feet, and I have deep intimate relationships with people outside of my marriage. I’m told my diet is boring, and my workout routine is soft and uninspiring. It can be tough for people to wrap their heads around living with so little stuff, and my relationships can be hard to fathom. While those opinions are valid for some, I use different metrics for what I want.

At 43, I’m stronger and more muscular than I have ever been. I have eliminated my joint pain and gastrointestinal issues, and I have the energy and sex drive of a teenager, soooo there’s not much concern for what the general population thinks. 

You probably don’t want to live like me, but trust me when I say you do want to Look, Feel, and Perform like me.

As a coach, I will teach you how your biology works and why the vast majority of nutrition and health advice is entirely backward from how Homo sapiens evolved to live.

If you have not downloaded my Gluten-Free Guide I recommend that as a good place to start looking at your life from a biological perspective.

You can download it below.

Keep Evolving, E